Inability to have orgasm

Delayed ejaculation doesn’t mean that you will be unable to achieve orgasm or ejaculate. The simple linguistic description of the words above tells us that the ejaculation is delayed – it might be minutes, hours, … months even. No one knows. There are many researchers that trying to fix this little problem, however since there are few many men who are suffering from this illness, there is not much of a demand to find the cure as fast as possible. Many men don’t even know that delayed ejaculation is a problem, since being unable to come early is such an achievement. Some premature ejaculators would trade soul for ability to have sex for hours and still stand.

It’s no fun and games

Men tend to forget that the highlight of sex is an orgasm / ejaculation. It’s the pinnacle of every porn, that we all like to watch and yet they still claim it’s no sickness. For a man that is suffering from this disease, there is nothing waiting for him, to look forward to. He will just do his duty and then, with an erection hard as rock, he will just say “good night” and that’s it. No coming on a face or some fancy stuff like that. Now, that’s sounds like hell, right?